The Ultimate Planning System – “Life Purpose Playbook”

The Ultimate Planning System – “Life Purpose Playbook”

The ultimate planning system – “Life Purpose Playbook”

If you are after the ultimate planning system – This book the “Life Purpose Playbook” is for you!

Just recently on the 9/11/2015 I started using this new planning system book called “Life Purpose Playbook”, I will never look back.

Time_management_quotes_11At the time I was looking for a new diary for 2016 – you know those old boring diaries…. I decided to look for something different…

My partner Crystal came across this “Life Purpose Playbook”, one thing led to another and here I am writing a blog about the book 17 days later…

Today was the first day I used the book properly I must say, until then it has been a challenge to get into a new morning routine!! They say it takes 20-30 days to break an old habit….

I will tell you now magic has happened since I started using this book with 100% certainty in my step!! Love it!! Being organised is king!

So throw away the old worn out diary system and check out the “Life Purpose Playbook”

Watch this space as we have more exciting news around this magical book!!

Thanks Judy and Rick for your support!


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