The End of Money As We Know It – The Rise of digital currency

The End of Money As We Know It – The Rise of digital currency

The End of Money As We Know It – The Rise of digital currency

I believe we are experiencing a revolution on the planet at this time, a revolution that involves bringing love, peace, freedom, health and abundance to everyone who desires this way of living. People are waking up to the LIES from banks, corporations and governments. People are designing and building complete new systems to allow humanity to expand and grow, I believe a great example of this is digital currency. We are experiencing the end of money as we know it – The rise of digital currency.

If you invested just $500 a few years ago in bitcoin it would now be worth over $500,000 AUD dollars. Ether coins were worth just $15 a year ago, now they are worth over $1500AUD per coin! Thats over 10,000% increase in value. If you invested $500 in ether a few months ago it would now be worth over $16,000 AUD.

“What the internet did for information, digital currency is doing for money”

When we look back on our history of the planet we have always had some way of trading with money, we have seen repeated times where the fiscal money system fails (what we have now). If you look closely we are in a transition period where the old currency system like US dollar and Australian dollar are loosing value everyday as the governments/private companies like the federal reserve print more and more money….

It is very simple economics, when we have a lot of something the value decreases!! Since 1913 when the federal reserve took over the money system the US dollar has devalued by 96% – 98%, can you believe that!!

This means if you held onto your dollar since 1913 it would now only be worth 2 – 4 cents in real terms

I believe that cryptocurrency is here because the old “fiat” money system is outdated and worn out. When you look back at the history books, no fiat money system has ever stood the test of time. Governments & Central banks have taken advantage of their power and they have completely undermined the current system.

Governments and central banks have devalued our current fiat money system since the day the system was invented, the current money system has only been around about 100 years with the Federal Reserve been created in early 1900’s. Since this time governments and banks have determined when to “print” more money or in other words increase the supply and decrease the value of your money!!

Most common digital currencies out there today have a supply limit which cant be controlled, some coins like “Ripple” you should be careful of. The “Ripple” coin is all about the banks and they also still control the supply. So be very careful if you are in the crypto currency game.

I have been watching the growth of digital currency for sometime now and the growth is amazing, to learn more follow Coindesk on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest digital currency news.

I recommend researching digital currency like Bitcoin or Ether coins to understand more about these currencies before putting your money in. I believe that digital currency will be volatile for years to come as people start to adopt it more and more. On the other hand I see huge opportunity for those who jump on earlier.

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Love, Peace and Abundance to all.

Peter Murphy

Please view the below documentary trailer to educate you more about the money system. I highly recommend purchasing the full video.

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