How To Create Peace On Earth – Through Yoga and Meditation

How To Create Peace On Earth – Through Yoga and Meditation

How To Create Peace On Earth – Through Yoga and Meditation

I feel it is time to do my part to assist in the awakening of humanity. My first story is my personal perspective about Yoga & Meditation and how we can all contribute to creating peace, love & abundance on Earth through these two activities. Now for some reading this, you will think WOW Peter has changed!! Yes I have changed!! I use to work in the mining industry and that involved raping the planet, to be honest mining made me feel sick and it didn’t resonate with my soul. If you look at two pictures of me and my body below you will see the change for yourself. Pictures mean 1000 words 🙂 I feel fucking amazing now!! Like I am 18 again!! Woo hoo!! Where’s the party at? haha 🙂


Did you know we don’t need mining anymore?

There are now devices invented that can create resources from the infinite universal energy without mining!! Sounds crazy but we are moving into a totally different world. Are you ready?  There are also devices out there now which can create free energy!!! YES its true!! I’ll write more about these two subjects soon. Feel free to google it and research yourself. All I can say is be careful what role you choose on earth!!

Are you creating or destroying life? Does it feel good? If not rethink what you are doing here 🙂 It is a major adjustment but I can tell you from my experience it is worth it. We are here to expand and grow, we are the universe learning about itself growing and expanding. We are not here to play SMALL!!! RISE UP, WAKE UP AND LIVE YOUR TRUTH!!! Find this through mediation and yoga.

Its easy, what makes you feel good? Choose this path. Think and mediate on it, it may take some months/years but it works, some may call it magic, some may call it crazy. YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Seriously think hard about it!! Its your life no-one else’s.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
~ Nelson Mandela

I strongly believe and know that our minds have been corrupted and manipulated from exposure to the elites evil ways, they have done this from control of ALL our systems, Money, Tax, Education, TV, Food, water and mainstream media. From a young age we are raised in this “system” that is designed to only benefit a few evil elite “at the top”. These people can be called revolving door men, they are politicians one day, a police officer the next, a banker the next day. They are all in it together to take advantage of our innocent souls.

I personally started to “Wake up” in 2009-2011 when my good friend at the time Matt shared with me a few conspiracy videos which was hard to stomach, I was angry confused and most of all I wanted to do something about it!! I eventually realised from many years of personal development, reading, researching, travelling and watching videos that its just a game and we can change this with our personal thoughts. We all have the POWER within us to change the world. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LIFE IN THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENTS AND DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!! They know how to talk but they don’t do anything except trick us.

I have now completed a few years of mediation most days (It’s ok to miss a day here and there). I found this disconnects me from all the FEAR and returns me to a place of Love, Peace and Abundance. Most of all I am learning to TRUST the universe as it has our back, we have soul brothers and sisters in the universe who help us and they help you more the more you step into your authentic self. If you are living a lie its hard for them to access you. Sounds crazy!!! There is only one way to fin out!! That is do 🙂

This year (2016) my partner Crystal and I started yoga full-time from home, we watch videos from Adriene and Boho, we highly recommend these ladies to teach you Yoga from the comfort of your home on youtube. We have done over 300 days this year of yoga!! The picture of me above was only after 150 days of Yoga, my body has changed again and looks amazing and feels amazing. We feel like teenagers again and everyday tasks such as cleaning, cooking, working, walking our dog etc is so much easier 🙂 Thanks Yoga and Adriene and Boho.

I have come to realise as humans we don’t move our joints enough to allow them to feel good. Our joints, knees etc love being taken to 100% movement and this does amazing things!!! My knees and hips and all joints have never felt so good!!! Start today if you want to transform your life. Just remember don’t complain to me if in the later years of your life you get sick or sore…. Yoga can help you remain amazingly healthy.

In summary Yoga and Meditation do amazingly magic things to your body and they go hand in hand together. Words seriously cannot explain the feelings I get while meditating and carrying out yoga. You decide for yourself. I believe everyone should take up yoga and meditation everyday!! The Egyptians use to do these 2 activities everyday!! Does that tell you something? Yoga and meditation does really create an inner calm that cannot be explained in words.

Please remember your thoughts create your reality. Be careful what you think about. Yoga and Meditation allow you to relive your thoughts and any resistance you have built up in your body, it really is amazing. Enjoy and if you liked this article please share with your friends and family.

Love, Peace, Unity & Abundance to all

Peter R Murphy

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