My Letter to Australian Federal Government – Time to ACT – Lets rise together

My Letter to Australian Federal Government – Time to ACT – Lets rise together

My Letter to Australian Federal Government – Time to ACT – Lets rise together

Dear Peter Dutton,

Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter to you on behalf of ALL Australians and  ALL citizens of the world. I am an Australian citizen who has said enough is enough and I will do whatever it takes to do the best for the people of Australia & future generations.

This letter will go live online at my website www.prmurphy.com.au  and be viewed by all who wants to read it. It’s time to act for the best of everyone not a FEW men in black suits. I suggest strongly that action be taken and enough talk!! Let’s change Australia together!. People are pissed off at your government’s lack of action… Too much bullshit going on in parliament. It’s time all the politicians were pulled into line by the citizens! We are the 99% you are the 1%, I highly recommend you take this letter seriously and listen. The 99% is rising, the 1% is dying. Time to restore the planet, I am here to restore Australia to be a great country who looks after the environment, animals and it’s the people. I am here to help you, however to be effective you must want to listen to what I have to say and be prepared to think different.

It takes courage to think differently

We are in a critical period of transition in our evolutionary journey as humans on Earth. The current scientific, economic, social and moral paradigm is based upon a worldview that is innately disconnected from nature and the larger cosmic reality we live within. As such, we are seeing and experiencing the inevitable consequences of this worldview as systemic dysfunction and potential collapse is becoming increasingly apparent on nearly every front. The roots of this outdated and now dangerous worldview lie to a significant degree in the scientific model of reality that has dominated our culture and informed the design of our modern society for the past few centuries.

With the emergence of a more whole and natural model of the physics of the universe we have an opportunity to shift our worldview to one that is aligned with natural principles and a healthy, balanced and appropriate relationship with nature, Earth and all life. The real-world implication,. when understood, it can become much easier to have a clear vision of where we’re potentially headed in our technological, social and even spiritual development. This is important, for when we can visualize it, we can create it.

The shift of a worldview at the scale we are exploring (and engendering) is no small feat. A worldview shift of this magnitude is not common in our evolutionary journey. Global worldviews — the ones that inform the entire planetary culture, not just local cultures — are massive and slow to change. They are like trying to turn an ocean liner against a strong current. In our present-day society, this strong current is found in the dominance of the mainstream scientific and academic communities and the strong influence they hold on the flow of research funds and the introduction of new ideas through scientific publication.

In order to turn an ocean liner there is a tiny rudder at the base of the massive rudder that is needed to turn the ship. This tiny rudder is called a “trimtab”. By turning it, a small pressure gradient is initiated in the water that ultimately grows big enough to pull the large rudder to one side, causing the ship to turn. Your participation in this,  may be just the trim tab we need to change the direction of our civilization as a whole. I am representing the trim tab.

One of the keys to making this kind of shift is the ability and willingness to think differently, to have the courage to think beyond the constraints of the predominant views. This quality has always been at the heart of worldview shifts in both science and society, and it is very much required at this time as we reach towards a new level of understanding about the nature of the universe and our role in it.

It’s the 11th-and-a-half hour and it’s time to think differently, are you ready to think differently Peter Dutton?

Key issues that I want to discuss with you:

  • Energy production – Why are we still using fossil fuels? Money I know but it’s not needed anymore we have alternative methods that are friendly to environment..
  • Local Road Mt Nebo needs to be signed much more, it’s one of the most dangerous roads I have ever driven on. Cyclists don’t respect drivers and drivers overtake very dangerously because of cyclists who are inconsiderate and don’t pull over. I have nearly died myself on this road. What are you guys doing?
  • Water security – Why are we considering giving water for FREE to miners? This is our water and the earth’s water – you have no right to do this to the communities of Australia. Time to end fossil fuels and switch to green energy
  • Sustainable housing has to start now!!
  • Sustainable cars need to be paid for by government – You bailed out holden and ford now they are broke – what’s another 2 billion for the people of Australia
  • Most of all I believe the government is controlled by a few men in black and the citizens are the ones who suffer….. Time to change this. We are awake.
  • Welfare payments are dismal and how do you expect Australia to thrive? We all deserve the right to thrive
  • Switch to a “Restorative Economy” at every level of government and society

Thank you for reading this letter and taking the time out.

My wishes from this letter is to meet with you personally to discuss the direction of Australia. I look forward to hearing back in regards to this letter.

Kind Regards

Peter R Murphy

View original letter here which was posted and emailed to Peter Dutton’s office

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