Nature Is Speaking To Us – Make a Stand for Nature Today

Nature Is Speaking To Us – Make a Stand for Nature Today

Nature Is Speaking To Us – Make a Stand for Nature Today

Well as many of you know I was involved in the mining industry for over 15 years, I started my apprenticeship as a diesel fitter and slowly progressed to my own education business in the mines. I reached levels most would dream of, some months I was earning in excess of $35,000/month – Great money I know. However it had to stop as I was supporting the destruction of the planet. We can have an economy where we all benefit from restoring the planet!! I will write more on how this looks very soon.

Guess what I was destroying the planet for GREED

I was earning this money at the expense of the planet!! Mining is literally raping the planet and I believe strongly that we have evolved past mining and are at a point of huge change. We have FREE ENERGY options now available for all very cheap and we DO NOT need FOSIL FUELS – We have to expand past this!! The only reason we still use this is because the elite few still have some power. Time for that power to be taken back to the people. We need ways to put these FREE ENERGY devices into production without and problems from elite bankers, corporations and governments.

Don’t you see? The hotter days, the unusual weather, season out of whack!! People it really is time to change. I can’t believe all that is going on in Australia with mining!! It is a disgrace to the human race!! We need some assistance here in Australia as we are being walked over by the mining corporations ad government. We must stand against there destruction. I will do whatever it takes.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
― Mahatma Gandhi

If you are reading this and are passionate about the environment please share and please leave comments on what your ideas are to help restore the planet. We need people to come together and show everyone in the world that Australia has there shit together. Its time to work together to restore the planet!! Fuck waiting for the governments. Lets do this people!!

Stand up today for nature or be stood down by nature

Make a stand for nature today!!! Hers another video to get you thinking about what is actually happening to planet earth

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