Top 6 Tips for Success in Life

Top 6 Tips for Success in Life

Top 6 Tips for Success in Life

Good Morning All,

I wish everyone a happy new year for 2017! Sending you all the love, peace and abundance possible. I am back after a good break over the festive period. We lost our internet and home phone connection for over 3 weeks hence why I haven’t been blogging 🙂 Well I am now back. Enjoy reading the Top 6 tips for success.

I read the below words from Maha Sinnathamby over the break and I had to share with you all. Maha moved to Australia with very little and has now become very successful in his field of choice, I recommend reading his book “Stop not til the Goal is Reached” to learn more about Maha it is a true inspiration, I couldn’t put it down.

So many people ask what are the keys to success, well there are many factors but I believe Maha has hit them on the head with his letter to friends written below. I believe everyone can achieve success in life it just depends on how bad you want it and what you are willing to do to get there. Enjoy the words below from Maha.

“Pray not for a lighter burden, but broader shoulders”

~ Jewish Prayer

Maha’s Top 6 tips for success in life – Stop not til the goal is reached

Dear friends,

I receive over 600 messages a week so, on top of my work commitments, unfortunately I cannot respond to all of you as much as I would like to however, I would like to take the time to humbly thank each and everyone of you for your support.
There is a common thread in many of your messages, which is, what are my main tips for success. So after being in business for over half a century, here are a few personal insights, although, I, myself, am still very much learning :-

  1.  Figure out what TRULY MAKES YOU HAPPY IN LIFE. I have had the honour of meeting some exceptionally successful businesspeople – millionaires and billionaires and some people who really are some of the most successful in their field. However, they are absolutely miserable. They are in loveless marriages, their children don’t talk to them, and they spend their Birthdays or special occassions such as Christmas by themselves. WHAT IS THE POINT OF SUCH AN EXISTENCE ? I have also seen some people who would have less than $100 in their bank account, and are constantly laughing and have amazing relationships with their loved ones. If there is one thing I ask of you, PLEASE FIND OUT WHAT YOU LOVE IN LIFE AND CHASE IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART. An abundance of money and status will never fill your soul with happiness if you don’t truly love what you do. Believe me, I have seen this over and over in my life.

2. If you have people in your life that you care about, TELL THEM! Do not assume they know. To this day, I grab my kids, even in the middle of the office, and give them a big hug. You can have ONE TRILLION DOLLARS or ONE DOLLAR in the Bank, but you can NEVER EVER buy a second chance to tell someone you love them.

3. Work really hard. I know many people look at me now, and must think it has come easy. It has not. It has come at a massive cost. Missing a lot of my children’s early years of growing up. Time away from my amazing wife. Going to the verge of bankruptcy three times. Constantly being ridiculed for having a vision (this still happens by the way). Despite this, I still turn up to work EVERY SINGLE DAY. Bottom line, you want something ? Work REALLY HARD.

4.  I love how technology and social media is changing the world. It has really made amazing things happen. In saying this, it will never replace hard work. There are so many people with amazing ideas out there. However, DO NOT expect to just meet an “ANGEL INVESTOR” to come and make your dreams a reality. It really worries me that this is the business plan for so many people. They are expecting to go on the likes of SHARK TANK or meet a wealthy businessperson to do all the heavy lifting or be their Miracle Saviour. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Chances are, it did not happen for that businessperson, and that made them who they are today, so please do not expect it to happen to you.

5.  NEVER FORGET WHERE YOU CAME FROM. I come from a beautiful part of the world, called Rantau, in Malaysia. It is a small village, and I could not be prouder of my origins. I love the people and the values it instilled in me. I try and go back there whenever I can.

6.  TREAT MONEY WITH RESPECT – So many people are after more and more money, when what they should be doing is learning how to use the money they have in a wiser way. Easy for me to say ? Not really. I grew up in a house with dirt floors, studied under a kerosine lamp, worked four jobs while attending University, was a Door to Door Ruler Salesperson and have also worked as a Gravedigger when I was married with 3 kids after having graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of New South Wales, and couldn’t get a job.

Friends, thank you again for your support, and have a truly MERRY CHRISTMAS and an amazing 2017.


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