Will Humans Wake Up To The Bulls#*t & Lies?

Will Humans Wake Up To The Bulls#*t & Lies?

Will Humans Wake Up To The Bulls#*t & Lies?

In Western Society we have been conditioned to live/believe in a certain way/s which only benefit an elite few people. These elite people sit at the top and control society. I am writing this article to educate people that as western society we have been fooled, there are much better and more effective ways to do many things on this planet, I have shared 11 truths below. Its our jobs as guardians of this earth to care for other humans and especially its our responsibility to care for animals and plant life on this beautiful planet. Together as the 99% we have the power to change the direction of this earth. We can achieve this by “Being the change we wish to see in the world”, I love this quote from Gandi.

Any people anywhere being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better.


I was raised in a Western Environment in Australia, I was born in the early 1980’s when the baby boomers where just getting going. I was raised to believe many things which I no longer believe, in fact I have had to change my entire belief system as I realised more and more that we have been fooled/conditioned and lied to by our own governments and corporations for centuries. I have shared 11 truths below that we have been lied to about.  Its time to wake up to the lies people, its time for the revolution to begin. Its time for Love, Peace, Unity and Abundance to sweep the world. It really is time, its time to speak the truth and rise up and live your dreams.

Will Humans Wake Up To The Bulls#*t & Lies?

“Its time to wake up to the lies people, its time for the revolution to begin. Its time for Love, Peace, Unity and Abundance to sweep the world. It really is time, its time to speak the truth and rise up and live your dreams.”

Peter Murphy

Around 2008 I was given a USB stick with four “Conspiracy Videos” on it by an old friend who I met in the street in Mackay, I hadn’t seen Matt for ages, he just appeared we got talking and he said you must watch these. These four videos completely change my perspective on the way we do things in things world. These 4 videos woke up my consciousness to the lies and bullshit which has been fed to humans for centuries. These videos are not for the lighthearted, I do recommend watching them as it will open your mind. All this will eventually come out in public. Links to these four videos are below:

  1. Esoteric Agenda

2. Idiocracy 

3. Zeitgeist Final 

4. Question 911

Lately I have been thinking “when will the mass population of humans wake up to the bullshit? So I thought I would write this article to help educate people who want to know the truth. We have been pretty much setup by the government, banks, elite and corporations. Its time to change. Mainly we have been fed FALSE information from the mass media, the mass media is owned and controlled by governments and corporations. They create fake news to assist their own personal agendas of creating more power for them and wealth and less for the mass population. They have literally starved humans of money and freedom for centuries. Please read the 11 lies I have written below.

“Constantly exposing yourself to popular culture and the mass media will ultimately shape your reality tunnel in ways that are not necessarily conducive to achieving your Soul Purpose and Life Calling. Modern society has generally ‘lost the plot’. Slavishly following its false gods and idols makes no sense in a spiritually aware life.”

Anthon St. Maarten

11 Bullshit Stories we have been fed

Will Humans Wake Up To The Bulls#*t & Lies?

1. Humans need Nature

This one really amazes me, when will humans realise that we need nature and that nature doesn’t need us. Humans literally require nature (Trees & Plants) to survive. For some reason we still continue in 2017 to destroy rainforests all over the world just to support humans need to consume & develop!! This can change people! We can develop sustainable cities and care for our rainforests that are left. We must change now.

2. Money

When will we realise that money supply is controlled by governments and elite bankers. Our western money system is designed to benefit a very few people at the top. Its designed to keep the mass population working while the elite class become more powerful and wealthier. This is changing, this is why digital currency is here!! Read more about digital currency here

3. Employment VS Self Employment

The employment model was designed for the industrial revolution which has now ended, we have now entered the information age. Our education system teaches people to get a JOB, I totally disagree with this model and so do many other people. We are experiencing the rise of the Self-Employment model. We are headed towards freedom for all humans on earth. Its time to end modern day slavery and give power back to the people.

4. Food and Water

I believe we have been led to believe that processed food is good for us! This is complete bullshit! I believe we should eat as naturally as possible. Plus our cities drinking water is filled with chemicals in Australia, I recommend using a filter system if your not on rain water.

5. Exercise

I believe we have been mislead in a huge way around exercise. I believe we have been conditioned that exercise methods such as Yoga etc are too alternative and only for people who are “Spiritual”. Well this is bullshit, we are all spiritual beings and Yoga is actually one of the best forms of exercise out there. Yoga works many many areas of your body, mind and spirit. I have now been doing yoga for over 500 days and I feel amazing and feel like I could physically achieve anything. Read more about my Yoga Journey here

6. Religion

I believe we have been mislead by religions for many centuries. Read my article here.

7. Male VS Female – The Gender Crisis

I believe we have been led to believe that women must raise children and work in the kitchen! This is bullshit! Its time for men and women to work together so they can both achieve their dreams. For many centuries the woman have stood by the man while he achieved his goals, most woman were stuck at home! We have now approached the revolution where men and women are equal. Its time for us all to achieve our dreams.

8. Collaboration over Competition

We are now approaching a time where collaboration will win over competition, its time to come together to help each other out.

9. Sustainable Housing

Its certainly time to build sustainable housing the works in harmony with environment. Currently most developments destroy the local ecosystem to build a new man made one!! I believe we should build housing that has ZERO impact on the earth. This is possible and already happening.

10. Military

I believe the military is controlled by the elite and governments and they are directed to wars that help the elite process their personal agendas. Mainly believe military is used to control countries that are resource rich. The US government is obsessed with creating wars to feed the elite with resources to create more wealth for them while displacing millions of people. This will stop once we all wake up to the bullshit.

11. Terrorism is created by elite and governments

Finally I believe terrorism is created by the governments and the elite to install FEAR into the population. I believe there is no such thing as a “Terrorist” I believe they are all created. This fear prevents you from being happy and distracts you from enjoying your life. I highly recommend turning off the TV and any main stream media on social  media. Most of the stories on main stream media are FALSE.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this article and it has given you some personal insight into what has really been happening for centuries. Subscribe to my mailing list here at bottom of page.

Take Care.

Love, Peace, Unity and Abundance to ALL

Peter Murphy

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