Australia’s Ecosystem is at Critical Levels!! – Humans Have Lost Control

Australia’s Ecosystem is at Critical Levels!! – Humans Have Lost Control

Australia’s Ecosystem is at Critical Levels – Humans Have Lost Control

Remaining rainforests and ecosystems in Australia are under huge pressure and at critical levels. Its time to act, if one single fibre in your body resonates with this article and you care for people and nature its time to act. Its time to educate everyone how fucking important nature is! Its a matter of life or death. It really is, forests create the ecosystem on planet earth for us to live, without this ecosystem humans are fucked!! Its been setup this way for many centuries, government leaders are so corrupted that they take cash over caring for environment. Unfortunately the environment has lost in a big way in Australia, especially over the last 100 years. Australia has lost over 50% of our beautiful rainforests and Queensland has been hit the hardest, reducing our natural habit by as much as 80%. Queensland was once 80% covered in rainforest and bushland, now we are down to 30%. All I can say is act now and be prepared for the wildest weather you have ever seen. Nature is about to reclaim land if humans don’t act NOW!!!!  Read more here about stats

“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty.”

― Albert Einstein

Australia’s Ecosystem is at Critical Levels!! – Humans Have Lost Control. l am so shocked to read about all this deforestation that I must take action, I can’t believe this is happening right under my nose. Humans in Australia are literally killing our home one tree at a time!! Doesn’t this upset you? Do you understand the HUGE implications of this to humans and our way of life if we don’t act NOW!! I really don’t understand why more hasn’t been done to help the environment which is so important to us all. The reason I am writing this article is reach as many people as possible, even if I only help one person wake up to how important the environment is and how important it is to ACT now!! I will be happy. We need hundreds and millions of people talking about caring for the environment. Its our home and we MUST care for it as the guardians of this beautiful planet. As humans we have been given special abilities which allow us to do more then other animal species and it our responsibility to care for the planet. I am calling all people to FUCK the money, cars and accessories and help the environment today!! Without the environment nothing matters!! Absolutely nothing!!! Without it all life will die and mother earth will reclaim all the lands of our earth. Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature.


Benefits of Rainforests and Bush lands

Humans trying to make air, that will be fun to watch, I am not sure what part of this humans don’t understand, we need trees to generate oxygen to breathe, without trees we don’t breathe and without breath we die. I have listed some of the benefits of rainforests below:

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better

~ Albert Einstein

Benefits of Rainforests:

  • help stabilize the world’s climate;
  • provide a home to many plants and animals;
  • maintain the water cycle
  • protect against flood, drought, and erosion;
  • are a source for medicines and foods;
  • support tribal people; and
  • are an interesting place to visit

I believe there are many many things we can all do at home to start improving the environment today, the more people we have caring for the environment the better, we can change this around its just going to take a bit of work. I have some big plans to help restore the environment which I will talk about soon, I will require your help with, so pleased stayed tuned and subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date. Please read the list below of things you can do ate home to help:

List to help the planet:

  1. Write a letter to local member of parliament to express your concern for local development and land clearing.
  2. Write another letter to local member explaining your concern for land clearing for farming and mining
  3. Plant trees and other plants into your garden and teach others to if your able
  4. Look at your job/business on the planet – is it destroying or creating life?
  5. Stand up to developers who are destroying all our farm land for housing development
  6. Start a business that restores the planet i.e.: build sustainable housing – current housing is environmentally unsuitable and doesn’t work in harmony with nature
  7. Live off the GRID
  8. Quit your corporate job and find a company that supports the planet
  9. Post to social media
  10. write, record videos about nature
  11. Talk to other about the importance of nature

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the environment and what we can do to improve things.

Love, Peace, Abundance and Unity to all

Peter Murphy

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