The Greatest Banking Disruption – Bloom & The Blockchain Revolution

The Greatest Banking Disruption – Bloom & The Blockchain Revolution

The Greatest Banking Disruption – Bloom & The Blockchain Revolution

The financial system globally is experiencing the greatest banking disruption for over 1000’s of years. Bloom and Blockchain are set to lead the revolution!! The current “Fiat money” system is worn out and extremely inefficient and rife with corruption at all levels of government, banking and corporations. Its time for the revolution to kick up a gear!! I believe “Bloom” a new ICO about to launch will completely change the way people lend and borrow money, there will be no need for banks in the future, blockchain is allowing humans to interact with each other with finances without a middle man. Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, well Bloom is part of the Crypto revolution like Bitcoin, however Bloom will operate on the Ethereum platform using Ether Tokens, however Bloom will have their own token (BLT). I truly believe we are at the beginning of the Greatest Banking Disruption the world has ever witnessed. I am so excited for the new changes that are here and which will develop over the coming years. Its time for change. Are you ready?

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

~ Malcom X

Bloom is specifically disrupting the credit scoring industry using blockchain technology on the Ethereum Platform. The Bloom Team are currently in startup stage and are bringing all resources together etc to have a prototype platform launching in December 2017, it so exciting to see the lending system and credit system being disrupted by blockchain technology. Bloom have a very strong team with many areas of experience, don’t forget to check out the Bloom Website here.

You can also download the Bloom Whitepaper here to read all the specific details.

Bloom is disrupting the credit scoring industry to allow lending to happen peer to peer on the blockchain ledger. Traditionally we have known lending to come from one central source – The Banks! – Banks are very centralised organisations and are very controlled and only benefit a few people, its time for this to end!! Bloom will decentralise the lending process and potentially remove the middle man such as the bank to lend money we can lend to each other through the blockchain. In this process Bloom are creating a very sophisticated platform which will give everyone in the world a new credit score if they desire. This will be based on new information that once has not been used for retail lending. Read more in Whitepaper here 

“I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they’ll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action.” — Malcolm X

Bloom is being built on the Ethereum platform, more about Ethereum later on, however Ethereum is the the 2nd largest crypto currency to Bitcoin, currently worth $600 per coin. The Ethereum Platform which Bloom is being built on is a very stable and common platform for new ICO’s to launch. Ethereum has been tipped to surpass Bitcoins value in the future, only time will tell. I do believe personally that Ethereum has got what it takes to go above and beyond the heights reached by Bitcoin. With all this being said Bloom is well positioned to be the leading credit scoring provided over the coming years.

I believe strongly that Bloom together with blockchain technology is the future of the new money lending system, Bloom will allow a much fairer credit scoring and allow people to lend to each other!! Its a revolution in banking and lending. Bloom are doing this by brining together lenders & borrowers from all over the globe to re-establish a fair and reasonable credit scoring system. The current fiat money system gives power of the money to a few select people and is very centralised and corrupted. Time to change. Don’t forget to check out Bloom and Ethereum here.

Bloom Whitepaper 

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Love, Peace, Abundance and Unity to all

Peter Murphy

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