Bloom – A Revolution in Money Lending

Bloom – A Revolution in Money Lending

Bloom – A Revolution in Money Lending

As I write this the traditional money system is been shaken to its core, Bitcoin has reached $17,000 AUD per coin over night!! This is amazing! No-one predicted Bitcoin to be at this price by now. Welcome blockchain technology and Bloom. Bloom is a new credit scoring platform which is being built on the blockchain Ethereum network. Bloom is totally challenging the “Status quo” of banking and there are a lot of worried bankers out there, their jobs may not exist is 5 -10 years. We are truly experiencing a revolution in money lending.

“Revolutions are rarely the fault of the rebels. In every revolution if the ruling elite had not been so greedy, decadent, corrupt and vile, if they had not suppressed the people for so long, the revolutions would never have been necessary.”


The traditional money lending system is controlled by only a few corporations, and they control all your data around money lending, in recent years these corporations have been hacked and information stolen from millions of people. Introduce Blockchain and Bloom and you eliminate the centralised data storage and you now have decentralised data. Plus your information about credit is drawn from many more sources to give more accurate account of your ability to pay loans. The current money lending system is broken and only gathers data from a very few touch points of the consumers loans. The current system also favours those who are ticking all the boxes of the current financial system, this number has reduced significantly, the majority of the worlds population can no longer access credit from traditional sources! The system is completely broken and its time for massive change! Be prepared.

You just need to take a look at Venezuela, there president has announced that his country will look at introducing a blockchain crypto currency coin for their population as their “fiat” money system is totally broken!! I see many many other countries following suit in the near future, its just a matter of time, the fiat money system can only last so long. So this tells me that if a president is looking to blockchain for solutions we are on a winner! Its time for change and it will happen fast.

Read more about Venezuela here 

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time, it’s both.”

— Lana Lang

Bloom will allow countries like Venezuela to take advantage of this new credit scoring system for their people and create a new stream of wealth, for too long we the people the 99% have been ruled by the elite and one of their manipulating ways was to control the money system. Not any more, welcome the change as its a bright new world ahead of us. For Venezuela this will completely change their lives, their money system is completely broken and the people are literally starving from the moves of the Western Governments to dominate central banks. Not any more. Bloom will allow anyone to build a credit score in any country and will be transferable to other countries, the current lending system does not work in other countries, only the country you live in. Plus Bloom will allow peer to peer lending rather then just from a financial institution.

If you haven’t already checked out Bloom I recommend you do so, Bloom will be releasing a prototype in the coming weeks. From my understanding this will be available to the public and they can register. I’ll keep you updated via my blog as to the latest news. If you are interested Bloom ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is still live and you can still contribute. I really hope you enjoyed this article and I will be producing more soon. Take care out there.

Love, Peace, Unity and Abundance to all

Peter Murphy

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