Look Past “Bitcoin” – New Banking System Revolution

Look Past “Bitcoin” – New Banking System Revolution

Look Past “Bitcoin” – New Banking System Revolution

As humans we have been conditioned in various ways to think and act as per the “status quo”, well I believe it is time to say F#$k that to the “Status quo”. It really is time for everyone in the world to take a serious look at bitcoin and alternative currencies (ALT’s), you would have heard all the hype by now that bitcoin has hit new record highs day after day, now at $12,800 AUD at the time of writing this. What a great achievement for the crypto industry!! When you see this happen you know you are on the right path, bitcoin is causing system overload for some crypto exchange providers, the volume is out of this world. How exciting!! Since the start of this year the volume has gone from $20 Billion AUD to $381 billion AUD with a market high of 454 billion AUD which happened over last 2 days!! This is huge! But it is still only 2-3% of the global money flow!!! Still along way to go!!!

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The main stream media has mentioned bitcoin a lot lately, I find it interesting how they don’t go deeper and cover the alternative coins (ALT’s), there are over 800 digital tokens out there which are similar to bitcoin, you must remember that bitcoin was the first coin to be developed back in 2008, since then many others have been created. I highly recommend checking out Ethereum which is the number 2 coin and Ripple which is placed 4th. Look don’t get me wrong yes bitcoin is amazing achievement for humanity and yes bitcoin I believe is still a good investment, however bitcoin is no longer the most efficient investment for your money. Its time to dig a little deeper and look past bitcoin.

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

~ Malcom X

As humans we have always tended to follow the crowd and the mainstream media, its time to look past the media and their propaganda, the hype from the media creation only benefits a few. The time has come to look a little deeper as to why this is happening and the other coins to watch or purchase. The mainstream media is tied to the banks, government and major corporations, their agenda is to get you believing and purchasing everything they talk about. However the old financial system is broken/breaking and can no longer withstand the incompetence of the leadership and system, hence why we have bitcoin. Bitcoin was created just after the financial crash of 2008. I believe bitcoin and other crypto currencies are here to rescue humanity from the constraints of the old system and allow us to create the new system. The largest problem with old system is they keep printing more “fiat” money like the AUD and this devalues it, not only do they print more and more and more they also spend the money inefficiently and ineffectively. Its time to spend money which serves the benefit of the greater good!! Crypto is here to literally save your life!!!

A good start would be to check out places to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum, here are 2 below:

  1. Coinbase

2. Coinspot

Please keep in mind to always use a platform which has been used by others and proven, do your own research, these are just 2 of my personal suggestions that I have had experience with.

I really believe its time for everyone to start educating themselves about the crypto industry, it is here to stay and will only gain stronger and stronger popularity, the time is now to move and check out the internet to research information about crypto. The existing money system is failing and may not be around forever…. Remember the great financial crisis in America about 10 years ago? Banks closed and governments had to bail them out! Do you think the governments have the money to bail people out for a second time?? I really don’t think so, I believe our money is no longer as safe as it used to be in the banks, its time to think of alternative places to store your wealth. Times are changing and changing fast!! Any questions send me message through my website below.

Take care and enjoy learning!!

Peter Murphy

Love, Peace, Abundance and Unity to all

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