Humanity is Facing The Greatest Crisis of its Existence

Humanity is Facing The Greatest Crisis of its Existence

Humanity is Facing The Greatest Crisis of its Existence

Humanity is Facing The Greatest Crisis of its Existence, for eons we humans have taken advantage of Mother Earth, we have used her for her resources, we have destroyed the majority of her beautiful rainforests and bushland!! In the last 50 years alone we have destroyed more rainforests then the previous 150 years in Australia!!! Now I have been alive for about 35 years and during this time it took me to wake up we have (Queensland) destroyed about 50% of our rainforests!! Its a natural disaster and is only going to worsen if we don’t change!!! Its time to adopt laws to protect nature. More on this very soon. We will drive a campaign to secure laws to protect what is left of our beautiful ecosystem. Stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter.

Are you treating Mother Earth with respect?

Humanity is facing the greatest crisis of its existence. The future of life as we know it is at risk, and this is because the logic of maximum profit for the benefit of the few has been imposed on a finite planet with limited and fragile resources. Over-exploitation, excessive mineral resource extraction, over-consumption and unbridled waste are altering the vital cycles of nature. The countdown triggered by the capitalist system has begun, and we cannot remain idle in the face of this genocide and ecocide. – Source 

Humanity is Facing The Greatest Crisis of its Existence

I really cant believe this. While I have been growing up and learning about the world our trees are being killed right under our nose!!! I am not sure if you are aware but we need trees to breathe!!! We must stand up for trees today!!! Every tree is important for the survival of us, Mother Earth will survive, will humans survive?

I have watched as housing developers move into large bushland areas and completely wipe out huge parcels of land for housing development!! We are actually destroying our home just to live in a house then we run and air con to keep us cool as we have cut down the trees!! Trees give us protection from the sun!!! Keep cutting them down and see what happens!!! You might melt….. I remember living in the City right next to roads that are black and made of road base, roads attract heat and they are heating up our cities!! Its not sustainable to keep building like this!! I now enjoy very much living in the bush where we actually have trees to keep us cool, BUT its getting hot in the bush too!!! We must change and we must give nature rights of protection before its all too late.

What Crystal and I have learned is that we can build housing differently, we can change the way we interact with the planet, there are plenty of people who are working on sustainable living, We are changing but we must change faster!!! We must start to think of every action we do, is it helping the planet or destroying the planet? There is no in between!!!  As a collective we have to literally save humans (ourselves) from mass wipe out or mass poverty due to lack of basic resources such as water and shelter. Our cities are at risk of being affected by wild storms and rising sea levels. We must start doing something today!!

Below Are some things you can do to reduce our impact on the planet:

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  1. Start Yoga and Meditation – I believe this helps you balance out your life through balanced thoughts and much much more

2. Recycle everything – I believe everything we throw away can be recycled. We have build a tree house and in the middle of building a greenhouse all from 100% recycled and FREE materials. The time of buying everything NEW has come to the end.

3. Start gardening in your yard and start planting new trees everywhere. Trees are our life and without them we have no ecosystem, no ecosystem means no rain and no life. Plus it means more servers storms. As I right this Brisbane today is expecting very severe weather. If you want this to change we must all change together.

4. Stop using plastic as much as you can, we aren’t there yet but we have reduced a fair amount of plastic. We have made our our tooth paste so we don’t have to buy tubes, they don’t break down and destroy our ecosystem. We have also discovered ways to use natural cleaning products. As westerns we use so much cleaning “stuff” which is harmful to you and the environment. Time to change or be changed.

5. Seriously look at your career or business – Is it supporting or destroying life?? You decide its your life. I am just here to remind you of what we are really here for. Its certainly not to kill ALL living things like we have been doing. I am telling you right now most businesses wont be around in 5 years if they don’t support the environment or people. I am giving you a heads up. It was a shock to me to have to change after 15 years in one industry. Just trying to help out. 🙂

6. Vote with your dollar – Spend consciously and spend money with small business & environmentally conscious corporations. Supporting small business helps out many families and future generations. Most corporations just take from humanity and the planet and don’t give back.

7. Support your family and partners with whatever they decide to do, everything starts at home, if we aren’t balanced at home how can we be balanced with the rest of our life? Its like LOVE, how can you possibly love someone else if you don’t love yourself. We have been conditioned NOT to love ourselves. There is nothing wrong with Loving yourself. Look in the mirror today and tell yourself – I love you xoxo 🙂

8. Remove toxic relationships from your life – This is so important, make sure you spend time with people who really have your best interests at heart. If they don’t simply wave them on their journey and continue with yours with no regrets. This is the most freeing feeling in the world. Love them and leave them.

9. Downgrade your house – Most westerns have a HUGE house which is NOT sustainable to continue. We downgraded massively, we had to pass on most of our furniture to others that needed it. We now have much less “stuff’ and we feel so much happier for this. I believe the time of living in house which is bigger then you need is done! We have a much smaller footprint now and it feels good.

10. Install FREE energy device in your home – Solar energy is the easiest way at this stage, but people have developed free energy devices which draws energy from the universal zero point source. Energy is everywhere around us. the powers to be have suppressed this information for about 60 years now…. Can you believe this? Governments know about FREE energy but they hide it from us. No more hiding, FREE energy is coming. This will completely change how the world operates. Imagine everyone with FREE energy 🙂

Thank you for reading and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

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Take care everyone and may Love, Peace and Abundance be with you.

Peter R Murphy

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