The End of Traditional Banking

The End of Traditional Banking

The End of Traditional Banking

Currently we are experiencing the greatest shift of wealth the world has ever seen, we are experiencing the beginning of the end for traditional banking, the old money system the Corporate Banks, Federal Reserve and Governments have completely abused their control of money!! They have devalued our fiat currencies year after year basically decreasing people’s wealth by increasing supply of money. They have taken the wealth from the everyday people and lined their own pockets. It is time to to return the wealth to the people and this is going to happen through Cryptocurrency! We are at the start of the largest revolution the money system and world has ever seen.

“Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.”

– Nassim Taleb

My personal experience with the traditional money system has been like many others in the world. We go to school and university etc or get a job. We are trained very early on to work for money and this is the only way we can receive money! I fell for this philosophy and it nearly killed me. As most of you would know that working for someone else your whole life is not extremely fulfilling. It’s really like slave labour. We are not taught how to earn money from investing, the elite bankers, corporations and politicians love it this way!! More money for them!! This will change. This will change now!! It’s time to educate yourself about the true features and benefits of the new money system – Cryptocurrency….We don’t need banks and governments to take care of us anymore. It’s a new world.

“What the internet did for information, digital currency is doing for money”

From my experience with the fiat money for so many years I have learnt that its broken, its old and it’s going to break at some point in the future…. Who knows when…. Don’t worry we have sometime up our sleeves but you better start learning about cryptocurrency right now!! I became interested in Cryptocurrency back in 2012 however at this stage I thought it was a scam, I started learning and researching and soon learned that cryptocurrency is here to help humanity and its not going anywhere! Sure we will still see volatility in the market as governments still use mainstream media to infect humans minds with false information about cryptocurrency. But the long-term view is crypto wins, fiat money dies hard!!!

So what do you do now? Its the end of traditional banking….What now?

This is now the time in your life where you take some time out to learn, learn and learn more. We are still at the very early stages of the crypto revolution, you could relate it to the gold rush, however you would most certainly say its much larger than the gold rush. As we mentioned earlier the old money system is dead or dying (depends on which country), this is why Crypto is here, its here to save the people from the constraints of the old money system. It’s the greatest redistribution of wealth from the elite class to everyday people the world has ever witnessed!! It really is exciting to be alive and be apart of something that will change the world and change it more than most can imagine right now….I have placed a great video at the bottom of this page from Andreas Antonopoulos a well known figure in the crypto world. I highly recommend taking time out to watch and learn.

“It’s money 2.0, a huge huge huge deal.”

– Chamath Palihapitiya

Written By

Peter Murphy

Co-Founder – Crypto Education – Yet to be named 

Nature Lover / Educator / Writer / Crypto Analyst

Written by

Peter Murphy

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